Opened in 2006 in the historic Mill District of Minneapolis, Spoonriver offers diners a chance to enjoy a cornucopia of sustainably produced entrées in a setting that's romantic and inviting. Brenda Langton and Timothy Kane are the duo at the helm and they have over 30 years of restaurant experience that informs their menus, décor, and the overall ambiance here. (To top it off, they also created the Mill City Farmers Market, which is open on Saturdays from late May to early October.) On the inside of the restaurant, there's a tiny but welcoming bar area, and a dining room that fills a long, rectangular space. This conventional area is made quite unconventional by the warm palette on the walls (a lovely orange-red) and tables, which are just large enough for holding food and holding hands. Stay for the full dinner, as that's where Spoonriver really shines. The colors of the local artisan cheese and fruit plate are impressive, and the oat-cranberry crisps are a perfect complement to the Gouda, chèvre, and other cheese segments on offer. Moving along, the chicken udon salad is well-balanced with a peanut-lemongrass dressing (it also comes with the option for vegetarian mock duck). Brunch is worth dropping by for, but remember: Minneapolis brunches hard. The line can be intimidating, so get in early.