Beyond the beach, there is not much to do in Miramar. You can see most of the city's non-aquatic sites within an hour. Before you begin your walk, keep in mind that even-numbered streets and avenues run parallel to the ocean, and odd-numbered ones run perpendicular. The city's Plaza Central is really four squares in one, surrounded by calles 28, 24, 23, and 21. In the middle is a statue of General Rudecindo Alvarado, a hero in the Argentine independence movement from Spain. Other statues and busts of important national and local figures are scattered throughout the pine- and palm-tree-planted plaza. Kids will find plenty to do at the various local playgrounds or on the small merry-go-round nearby.

Most of the buildings surrounding the square are modern. Among them is the Casino Miramar at Calle 21 no. 1335, next door to the Tourism Office at Calle 28 (tel. 2291/420-477; summer daily 5pm-4am). The pedestrianized street called 9 de Julio, which is really the continuation of Calle 21, connects the Plaza Central with the beach. It's lined with shops and ice-cream places. A few blocks away is Iglesia San Antonio, at the intersection of calles 22 and 29. Dating from 1891, it's a small cream-colored Spanish colonial building that wouldn't look out of place in the Southern California suburbs. It has a simple interior with modern stained-glass windows and a wooden roof. Giant holy water-filled clam shells at the door casually remind you that you're in a beach town. Miramar also has a large summertime Jewish population, with the Miramar Synagogue serving as a community center. Its interior is small and starkly modern. It's on Calle 27, between calles 14 and 15 (tel. 2291/431-820).

Two kilometers (1 1/4 miles) to the southwest of the town center, accessible by foot from many streets and by 4WD from Avenida 26, is the 80-hectare (200-acre) forest reserve Vivero DunĂ­cola Florentino Ameghino. You can walk along the trails or take a 4WD dune excursion with Panda Viajes, mentioned in the "Getting Around" section above. About 12km (7 miles) in the same direction is the historic town of Mar del Sud, full of interesting turn-of-the-20th-century buildings. Golfers will want to head 2km (1 1/4 miles) northeast along the Atlantic coast from the center of town to Links Miramar (tel. 2291/422-244; The city also has a summer season inaugural parade a few days before Christmas every year, which celebrates the season in a spectacular way. Contact the tourism office for details.

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