The representative mountain in town is Yudalsan; there is a park atop its peak. From here, you can get a nice view of downtown Mokpo and the harbor, as well as the many small islands that dot the archipelago of Dadohae Maritime National Park. There are five pavilions, a memorial tower, a statue of Admiral Yi, and a monument to the royal dead on its slopes.

Under Ideungbawi, there is also an outdoor sculpture park with more than 100 sculptures by the Korean Sculpture Association. On the right side of the parking lot is Dalseong Park, which includes an orchid garden. Dalseongsa is located in Jukgyo-dong on the southeastern section of the mountain. A newer temple, it was built by Dae Heungsa in 1915.

The best time of year to visit is from late March to early April, when the forsythias are in bloom, painting the entire hillside with its yellow flowers.