This 234-acre forest park literally puts visitors between a rock and a hard place. From the parking lot, go left on the short but steep dirt trail through an ironwood grove to the Phallic Rock ★; go right on the paved path, and the Kalaupapa Lookout ★★★ offers a panoramic view of the peninsula that was once a place of exile (see “Kalaupapa National Historical Park,” above). Interpretive signs identify the sights some 1,700 feet below and briefly relate the tragic history that also spawned inspirational stories. As for that unmistakably shaped 6-foot-tall boulder, one legend holds that it’s the fertility demigod Nanahoa, turned to stone after he threw his wife over a cliff during an argument about his roving eye. It’s also believed that a woman wishing to become pregnant need only spend the night nearby. (Treat this cultural site with respect, as signs urge.) Note: There are restrooms near the overlook and at a small pavilion on the left before the parking lot, but no potable water. Tent camping allowed with state permit (see “Camping”).