Developed and managed separately, these three condo complexes near Maunaloa have much in common. Negatives include a remote location, varying quality of furnishings and decor, and the slightly haunted ambience thanks to the shuttered hotel next door. Positives: easy access to Kepuhi and other West End beaches (see “Beaches”), large lanais, and serene silence—I didn’t even hear the crow of wild roosters on my last visit. Built in 1983, the 120-unit, two-story Ke Nani Kai ★★ (50 Kepuhi Place) is set back farthest from Kepuhi Beach but boasts the nicest pool and the only hot tub and tennis courts of the bunch; units are two-bedroom, two-bathroom (880–990 sq. ft.) or one-bedroom, one-bathroom (680 ft.). Built in 1978, the diverse condos of Kepuhi Beach Villas ★ (255 Kepuhi Beach) are closest to the sand, with a generous oceanview pool on the grounds of the abandoned Kaluakoi Hotel. The 148 units are spread among two-story buildings with shared laundry facilities (and thin walls), and eight duplex cottages with individual washer/dryers; the largest units have a ground floor (642 sq. ft.) with a master bedroom and bathroom, and a small loft with a second bedroom and bathroom. Nearly hidden in tropical foliage, the 78-unit Paniolo Hale ★ (100 Lio Place) means “cowboy house,” and the large screened lanais and wooden floors give it a hint of the Old West. Built in 1980, the 21 two-story buildings come in a host of floor plans, from studios (548 sq. ft.) to two-bedroom, two-bathroom units (1,398 sq. ft.), some with lofts and sleeping quarters in the living room.