In 2013, St. Louis native Chef Matthew “Biggs” Birk(enmeier) left the kitchens of the Ritz Carlton Rose Hall to transform the Hip Strip’s old Twisted Kilt into a beachside barbecue joint for Jamaica’s ultimate BBQ taste-test smackdown.

The wood-paddle plates are laden with chicken, pork, or beef done in the most famous barbecue styles and sauces: Jamaican jerk (naturally), Texas braised beef, Kansas City pulled pork, and for the Titans of Mississippi River BBQ—Memphis and St. Louis—you can can go either dry rub (my vote) or “slobbered” in sauce.


You order your meat by the half-pound or pound, and each comes with two sides: baked beans, slaw, mac-and-cheese, fries, cornbread, or Jamaican rice and peas (which actually means kidney beans here). There are also burgers, sandwiches, and meat-topped salads.

Among the cocktails is the signature The Hog Father, a Bloody Mary topped with… well, frankly, with a full meal: chicken strips, spicy shrimp, a fully loaded slider. Seriously; convince at least someone at the table to order one.