This formerly private clubhouse is worth the drive 30–45 minutes east of Montego Bay. Yes, the seafood dinners on the covered deck are decent (if a bit overpriced), but the real reason to come is the after-dinner tour: A 35-minute boat ride around the protected bay to experience the amazing phosphorescent effects of the resident dinoflagellates, micro-organisms that actually light up when disturbed.

The wake of the boat leaves glowing blue trails in the water—as do the paddling arms and legs of anyone smart enough to bring a swimsuit and jump in for a swim. Try to come on a cloudy (but not rainy) night or during a new moon for the darkest skies and best effect—though note that the glow ebbs and wanes with various factors having to do with the weather and water temperatures.


Also, nearby coastal and port developments have been altering the ecosystem in recent years, adversely affecting the tiny creatures and drastically diminishing the luminous effect. Even so, it’s still pretty cool.

The tour costs an extra $25 per person.

 - Reid Bramblett