This modern fast food emporium is actually one of 50 in Jamaica’s homegrown Juici chain (until recently called Juici-Beef), which since 1980 has been turning out some of Jamaica’s best patties—sort of like a Jamaican Hot Pocket, only way better.

The tender, flaky pastry dough is folded over a thin but tasty filling—traditionally minced beef and onions in a slightly spicy curry gravy or curried chicken and potato, but there are also fillings of cheesy-beef, vegetable, soy, and others. Many Jamaicans carbo-load their patties by sandwiching them into a split coco bread roll (not a bad idea, considering how scalding hot the patties are to hold).


There’s another branch in the Trinity Mall near the harbor end of Barnett Street (tel. 876/971-5103).