Formerly known as the Monterey Maritime Museum, MoM (as it is callled) has broadened its focus—or cluttered it, depending on your point of view. Today, its first floor is devoted to posters and photographs from the famed Monterey music fests of the 1960's and 70's. Also on floor one is the humungous light from the old Monterey lighthouse; erudite wall texts explain lighthouse design, the engineering that went into the operation of the light house, and the signifigance of its "fresnel" lens. I know that sounds dry, but seeing the light up close, and learning about it, is the highlight of the museum. The top floor of the museum contains a dizzying pile of maritime and historic artifacts, the most interesting of which are a reproduced captain's cabin from the whaling era; and cans from the days Monterey was the sardine capital of the world. For no reason that I can explain, there's also a room devoted to the signs of the Chinese zodiac (its not very informative and can be skipped).