This luxe, beachfrtont hotel manages the neat trick of being extremely romantic without  feeling the slightest bit cloying. This despite the fact that guestroom walls are pink, albeit a very dignified rosy hue (so don't hesitate to bring Sylvester Stallone types here, they're going to love it). Other romance enhancers: the included breakfast is delivered every morning on a silver tray, the canopied beds piled a good foot thick which luxe bedding, and each room comes with its own fireplace (go for one of the higher level rooms as they get wood-burning rather than gas fireplaces). Even those NOT on honeymoons should enjoy a stay here, thanks to stellar views of the water from most rooms (guests are loaned a pair of high-powered binoculars); the heart-of-Cannery Row setting; and the kindly staff who go out of their way for guests.

-Pauline Frommer