Loulou's isn't in the middle of town. I'd say, instead, it's in the middle of a grin and a giggle. There's a real sense of joie de vivre at this funky diner, thanks to its Caribbean color scheme and a waitstaff who seem always on the verge of shouting out a happy "kiss my grits". The food is as fun: dishes that you wouldn't want to tell your cardiologist about, but that make for a celebratory start to the day. They range from the sinful oatmeal brulee (oatmeal with a caramalized crust of sugar on top) to "squiddle in the middle" (a breaded calamari "steak" with eggs) to flapjacks the size of a hubcap. Loulou's has nice choices for dinner and lunch, but the real specialties here are the breakfast offerings.

Be ready for a wait. Loulou's is very popular with both locals and visitors.