Rub your eyes and take a long swig of Guinness. Yes, you're still in central California, but the Crown & Anchor may be the most deft and detailed replica of a British pub on this side of the Atlantic. The carpets are tartan and the decor is crammed with "Brit-a-brac" (brass plates, souvenir Titanic mugs, kilt-wearing mannequins staring owlishly from corners). Patrons sit either at the boisterous long bar at the front, in cozy wooden snugs (booths), or on the outdoor patio, open year-round thanks to large heat lamps at each table. The only inauthentic touch may be the food—it's better and fresher-tasting than you'll get at many outside-of-London pubs. That being said, it's still takes its inspiration from Great Britain, so you'll be dining on meat pies, bangers and mash (sausage with mash potatoes), fish and chips, corned beef and cabbage, and an array of curry dishes, the most addictive of which may be the french fries doused in curry sauce.  The bar carries 20 British and international beers on tap, as well as an impressive selection of brown liquors.