Bath complexes are common throughout Scandinavia, but less so in North America. This center brings Euro-style relaxation-through-water to Montréal’s locals and guests. Visitors check in, change into bathing suits, and then have the run of the complex for the visit. There’s a warm bath the size of a small swimming pool with jets and a waterfall, a steam room thick with the scent of eucalyptus oil, and a Finnish-style dry sauna. Peppered throughout the hallways are sling-back chairs, and one room is set aside just for relaxing or having a drink from the juice bar. The recommended routine is to heat your body for about 15 minutes, cool down in one of the icy rinse stations, and relax for 15 minutes—and then repeat the circuit a few times. Call to reserve a spot, and inquire about when the spa is emptiest—that’s when the routine is most soothing.