There’s only so much convincing one can do: Visitors must try a bagel while in Montréal! It’s a whole different ballgame from bagels elsewhere. Bagels here are thinner and closer to a pretzel in appearance, as compared to the fluffy stand-ins you may be used to. Bakers hand-roll each bagel from an enormous slab of dough, then they’re dropped in boiling water sweetened with a touch of honey, and baked in big wood-fired ovens on the premises. Poppyseed is the original flavor, though sesame may be the most popular. Founded in 1919, Fairmount offers nearly 20 types, including the Bozo (three bagels twisted to one, which Fairmount calls “a bagel for lovers”). The shop is small, to-go only, but absolutely worth popping into to see the bakers in action. No planning needed since it’s always open—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even on Jewish holidays.