This chocolate-centric cafe has been steadily expanding its locations over the years, probably because it fills the broad need of coffee house, luncheonette, and purveyor of exceptional chocolate desserts. You can also order wine or beer, and savory options, too, such as buckwheat crêpes and a salad with dark chocolate vinaigrette. Chocolate comes in all forms: as hot and cold beverages, in crepes, in dense brownies (12 kinds!), as sauce over ice cream, in fondue. Take-home goodies like chocolate shaped into fried-egg or avocado forms add to the fun. Additional locations in Outremont at 377 rue Laurier ouest (tel 514/510-5651), Downtown at 1626 Ste-Catherine ouest (tel 514/508-4800), and in the Latin Quarter at 1615 St-Denis (tel 514/287-3555).