Montréal has a handful of culinary institutions and for steak lovers it’s Moishes. Long-time patrons may favor the classic bone-in rib steak while the younger crowd opts for marinated shish kabab or organic salmon. With an ever-evolving menu and cozy, but sophisticated atmosphere, it’s common to find three generations at one table celebrating a special occasion (the prices alone make it one). But there is a way to have your shrimp cocktail and martini, too: After 9pm from Thursday through Saturday there’s a C$25 three-course menu. The restaurant’s rich history reaches back more than 75 years, when Moishe Lighter worked his way up from busboy to mignon mogul. Moishes’ sons, co-owners Lenny and Larry, carry on the tradition and are often on hand to suggest pairings from the restaurant’s reputable wine list. Reservations are recommended.