The thought that comes to mind when you step through the doors here is “time travel.” Every year that Wilensky’s adds to its history, the more devoted people become to it’s remaining exactly as-is. The interior is spare and so, well, 1952. That’s when it moved to this locale, though Harry Wilensky started the business in 1932. Either way, it’s not hard to imagine the Jewish immigrants who used to sit at one of nine counter stools and order a Moe, better known as The Special: a grilled, all-beef salami and bologna with mustard. It’s a crowd-pleaser to present day, largely because it’s one of the few menu items to choose from. (Insider tip: Don’t ask to hold the mustard and don’t ask to have your sandwich cut in two.) The old prices are still on the wall and the new prices remain miraculously low. Another miracle? Genuine, old-time egg cream or cherry cola sodas made in house.