This humongous church with a luxurious marble and gold interior is a landmark, with massive gilded domes that can be seen for miles around. It may be best known for the 2012 performance by five members of the controversial punk-rock group Pussy Riot, during which their storming of the church pulpit led to being arrested and then jailed for "hooliganism." A cathedral on this site was first built in the 19th century to mark Russia's victory over Napoléon. However, less than a century after its construction, it was destroyed by Stalin, who planned a grandiose Palace of the Soviets to replace it. Supposedly, it was going to resemble a huge statue of Lenin, and a conference hall was to be located in his pointing index finger. But construction was plagued by problems, and the palace was never finished. Instead, an indoor-outdoor swimming pool was built in its place. In 1994 then-mayor Yuri Luzhkov ordered the construction of the cathedral, allegedly forcing the richest of Russia's oligarchs to donate funds. The first services were held here in 1997, when the cathedral was still partially completed.