This Argentinian steakhouse chain, popular with wealthy men, is the to-go place for a business lunch or dinner, or just a sophisticated, and very expensive, steak dinner. Fittingly for such a manly place, the interior looks like a posh version of a cowboy cantina. Service is generally good, and portions are generous, with fresh and impeccably cooked meat, as well as a few other dishes.  The steaks, which all come from Argentina, the US, or Australia, are priced from about RUB1,800 to RUB4,300, depending on the size and quality. The traditional Angus steak, served with sauce and nothing else, may actually be worth the sky-high price tag. The cheapest bottle of wine is RUB3,900, so dinner with alcohol and dessert is likely to run about RUB6,000 a head. Cigars are also available, and judging by the smoke they're also quite popular. Be sure to reserve a table, because just showing up could mean a wait of over an hour, especially on busy weekend nights.