Visit this bohemian café, favored by artsy locals, for an excellent Georgian meal. Start with the khachapuri, a pastry filled with cheese and done adzharsky-style here, with a raw egg on top; or the eggplant rolls sprinkled with pomegranate, and accompany them with a bottle of Georgian wine. The excellent entrées include a big selection of shashlyk (meat on skewers), ribs, steaks, and grilled fish. Be sure to try the khinkali, large stuffed Georgian dumplings. The vibe is shabby chic, with paintings and handmade furniture created by the owner, the Georgian playwright and artist Rezo Gabriadze. An added perk is the panoramic view of the lush botanical gardens of the Moscow State University, which look especially beautiful when they are covered in winter snow and are best seen from the dining room upstairs. A pianist comes on around 8pm most nights. After dinner, check out the reggae bar in the basement. Reservations are essential here, given its popularity.