Soon after it opened in the 1990s, this Russian version of the traditional American diner became synonymous with foreign cool. The exaggerated and colorful interior could be straight out of the movie Grease: there are jukeboxes, a long bar, a black-and-white checkered floor, red lacquered couches, and photographs of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley all over the walls. The Starlite milkshakes are great, especially the Oreo or Snickers versions. Other menu highlights include burgers, American-style sandwiches (particularly the Philly cheesesteak wrap and the club sandwich), apple pie, and even Asian food, which is a common addition to many restaurant menus in Russia. This is the original location, but now the chain has a total of six restaurants across Moscow; they all attract a mix of expats and trendy Russians. The diner is a popular spot for children's birthdays, but it also has hookahs for those with more years on them.