This restaurant on the exclusive Malaya Bronnaya Street has a mix of Russian, Italian, and French dishes, all of them cooked right before your eyes in the open kitchen by the Italian star chef Uilliam Lamberti and his staff. Unlike the grandiose opulence favored by so many other Moscow restaurants, this place feels like a Parisian bistro, and its emphasis on high-quality ingredients and simple, sincere cooking also sets it apart, as does its excellent service. Try the crab bruschetta, made with marinated Kamchatka crab and tomatoes and topped with avocado. Sea bass, tuna tartare risotto, the steak, and the lamb shank are among the best versions in the city. The menu, based on seasonal ingredients, changes constantly, so new dishes are always on offer. Finish the meal off with some of Uilliam's poppy-seed cookies. The small restaurant is very popular, and is always crowded; reservations are a necessity.