The black silhouette of a blindfolded man and woman outside of this restaurant is a clue to what happens inside, as is its name, which means "In the Dark?" Four prix-fixe menus are available: meat, seafood, a mix of the two, or vegetarian. (Menus vary in price, depending on whether you order an appetizer and dessert; the VIP menu includes two alcoholic drinks, an appetizer, entrée, dessert, coffee or tea, and even a massage). After you've made your selection,  the waiters, who are all blind, lead you to a completely dark interior. The mystery dishes are brought out, and you guess what you are eating (the waiters tell you after). A 10 percent tip is included in the bill, but you can leave more money for the waiter if you want. Part of the money you spend here goes to medical treatment for the visually impaired.