This place is a true “foodie find.” You’d be forgiven for doubting the authenticity of the Mexican food served in this shacklike bungalow a stone’s throw from the crashing north Atlantic off Seawall Lane—yet it serves very authentic Mexican cuisine. Owners Janet Strong and Bob Hoyt are well-traveled in the Mexican states of Xalapa, Yucatán, and Zacatecas (thus the restaurant’s acronym). No burritos here; this is campesino chow, a bit elevated. Expect lots of pork and chicken dishes and mole sauces, with a pile of local lettuce and corn tortillas on the side. The sopa de aguacate, chilled avocado soup with just a hint of tequila and chiles, is a must as an appetizer. Reservations are a must, too, as the place only seats a few dozen.