Although the Olympic flame has long since moved on, the Olympic Grounds, built for the 1972 summer games held in Munich, remain a pleasant green area for picnics, walks, and sporting activities. The hall and stadium still host periodic events and concerts, and rising above it all is the Olympischer Berg (Olympic Mountain), erected on a pile of World War II rubble, which offers sweeping views of the city. Vistas from the top of the Olympiaturm (Olympia Tower; tel. 089/30672750) are even better; the tower also contains the fine dining spot Restaurant 181 (tel. 089/350948181; For those who remember the horrific Black September attack on the Israeli team during the 1972 Olympics—a tragedy in which 11 Israeli athletes, a German police officer, and five Palestinian terrorists perished—there is a memorial marble listing the names of the 11 Israelis. The memorial can be found just west of the U-Bahn station Olympiazentrum; the building where the hostage standoff began still stands at Connolystrasse 31.