This magnificent building was the official residence of the Wittelsbach family, the rulers of Bavaria, from 1385 to 1918. Added to and rebuilt through the centuries, the palace is a compendium of various architectural styles, including German and Florentine Renaissance, and Palladian. Artisans painstakingly restored the Residenz, which was almost totally destroyed in World War II. The must-sees are the Residenz Museum, with arts and furnishings displayed in some 130 rooms; the Schatzkammer (Treasury), with 3 centuries’ worth of accumulated treasures; and the Cuvilliés Theater (also called the Altes Residenztheater), a stunning rococo theater. You enter both the Residenz Museum and the Schatzkammer from Max-Joseph-Platz on the south side of the palace. On the north side of the palace is the Italianate Hofgarten (Court Garden), laid out between 1613 and 1617. An English-language audioguide is free with your admission.