It’s a bit difficult to find this restaurant because it’s tucked away on a sidestreet near Marienplatz and the Viktualienmarkt, but if you sleuth it out, you’ll be treated to one of the more authentic Bavarian dining experiences in Munich. Expect to be seated at a communal table, and expect the service to be cordial but a bit brusque, because the overworked waitresses here have a lot of territory to cover. “At Sedlmayr” serves mouthwatering renditions of traditional Bavarian favorites, like roast pork with cracklings and dumplings, grilled Kalbsbraten, mushrooms served with dumplings and a creamy herb sauce, and Kaiserschmarrn (a kind of bread pudding with a crispy caramelized base and topped with warm apple sauce). The menu is only in German, so do a little homework before you arrive; if you aren’t sure what to order, ask your server. The dining may be communal, but it’s still a good idea to reserve in advance.