Located on the square of the same name, close to Marienplatz, the Viktualienmarkt has been serving Munich residents for nearly 200 years and is a wonderful place to stroll and sniff and take in the local scene. On a sunny Saturday it might seem like the entire poulation of Munich is here, not just enjoying the lively atmosphere but actually food shopping. In an area the size of a city block, you find butcher shops, cheese sellers, a coffee roaster, a juice bar, fish sellers, wine merchants, dozens of produce stalls, a whole section of bakeries stocked with dozens of different kinds of Bavarian breads and rolls, and a popular beer garden where on any given day you are likely to see locals in lederhosen and feather hats, proudly strutting their stuff. Most of the permanent stands open at 6am and stay open until 6pm on weekdays, or until 1pm on Saturday. You can buy food at the market stalls and eat it in the beer garden if you buy a beer, a soda, water, or other beverage at the beer-garden drink stand. You can easily find the market from Marienplatz; it’s bounded by Prälat-Zistl-Strasse on the west, Frauen Strasse to the south, Heiliggeiststrasse on the east, and Tal on the north.