Opened in 2007, this rock-'n'-roll theme park is one of the largest investments ($400 million) in the Myrtle Beach area in decades. Sprawling around the perimeter of a freshwater lake, and dotted with restaurants, bars, roller coasters, theme rides, and minispectacles that incorporate rock 'n' roll with vintage videos, it manages to be hip, nostalgic, amusing, and fun all in one happy, rolled-together, family-friendly moment. Most first-time visitors arrive during daylight hours, and then, when confronted with the array of rock music being performed here after dark, manage a return visit later that evening. (Get your hand stamped on the way out for readmission later the same day.) Know in advance that you'll never, ever be without exposure to some kind of recorded music at any time, and in some cases, the music is likely to be live, depending on the concert schedule.