Here’s how it works: You (and presumably the children who accompany you) will select a magic wand (which you get to keep forever), after which the adventures begin as you learn how to harness its power. Within a 20,000-square-foot space, you can befriend a pixie, learn from an ancient wizard, battle a goblin, outwit a dragon, and even take part in a “duel,” producing the kinds of effects of which Harry Potter—at any stage of his development as a wizard—would be proud. The theme is medieval, Celtic, and mystical, with plenty of problems on-site for the solving, and lots of opportunities for the power of youth and truth to triumph over the forces of darkness and evil. Suspend disbelief, bring a sense of make-believe, and marvel at the way someone has found to harness the ongoing attraction for myths, lore, legend, the supernatural, and superheroes.