A spectacle of mates, live animals, relatively vicious (but still tame) pirates, and a bevy of talented folk make up the sea-bound entertainment here. As part of the Dolly Parton empire, the shows of Pirates Voyage hew close to the mainstream conventions of storytelling that you might expect in Branson or Pigeon Forge. An evening's entertainment begins before the show, as visitors arrive early to meet the cast and crew, who very generously interact with the folks by offering pirate-themed face tattoos (temporary, mind you) and a bit of theatrical buildup to the extravaganza, which is set on a pair of dueling pirate ships. Dinner is included with the admission price (discounted for children 4 to 11), covering seven items, with crowd-pleasers like barbecue pork, corn on the cob, and apple pie. Guests are ushered into seats constructed of long planks (get it?) as dinner is served, accompanied by rousing music and a bit of pre-show acrobatics and calisthenics performed by a very eager and talented group of young entertainers. The entire 85-minute show is a complete spectacle designed to be very family-friendly and, in the best and worst sense possible, suitable for all ages.