A short walk from downtown Myrtle Beach, this rustic Ethiopian spot is a welcome change of pace. The staff are warm and friendly and the décor includes decorative African wall hangings and handsome place mats that feature scenes of pastoral life. First-timers to the world of Ethiopian cuisine should note that almost everything comes with injera, a thin, spongy, pancake-like flatbread that you use instead of utensils. It's perfect for picking up the various vegetable and meat stews that make up the meal. The vegetarian entrées are quite good (P.S.: they are all-vegan as well) and the misir wat (red split lentils with garlic and onion) is excellent. Meat lovers should opt for one of the lamb entrées, such as the beg kei watt (tender lamb meat stewed with onion, garlic, ginger root, and spiced butter).