As you approach the glowing neon donut at the entrance to this emporium of fried goods, you'll smell what awaits within. Yes, there are donuts galore, and the coffee is quite fine, and those two menu items come highly recommended in tandem. Although the uniforms and general setup here seem to suggest a relationship with Dunkin' Donuts (orange and brown are part of the dominant color scheme), unlike at that massive chain, the goods are made fresh throughout the day, so you never get a stale bite. Try a cake donut just to get a baseline feel for the place. From there, if you're feeling adventurous, you might move on to a deluxe banana crème-infused chocolate-sprinkled concoction. Folks in the area rave about the red velvet and vanilla crème-infused donuts as well, should you be moved to capture some of the local flavor.