As you walk into this tribute to the world of all things sugar-filled, -infused, -loaded, and -injected, you'll see a gummy bear disco ball overhead. That about sums up the I Love Sugar store, which is smack-dab in the middle of the hurly-burly, low-down environment of Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach. The store has headphones fashioned out of hard candy, gummy teeth, a rainbow of Jelly Belly flavors (popcorn butter anyone?), and hundreds of other candystuffs. For those who are less enamored of such matters, there is also a gelato bar with over two dozen flavors, including amaretto and spearmint—the frozen offerings are some of the best options in the entire temple of saccharine temptations. All of this is accompanied by a blend of equally sweet pop tunes emanating from speakers, some of which resemble candy boxes and the like. (In a nod to the public health concerns of our time, the shop does carry sugar-free candies.)