On the island splitting the Loire river in the center of Nantes is a fantastical workshop that does Jules Verne proud. Based on the author's imagined creatures and the mechanical drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, a team of artist/mechanics build articulated moving sculptures that really must be seen-or ridden-to be believed. A 12m (147-ft.) elephant, made from 45 tons of wood and steel, takes 50 passengers at a time for a stroll around the premises. The Carrousel des Mondes Marins (Marine Worlds Carousel) features a Manta ray, squid, crab, and flying fish, accommodating "voyagers" on three levels representing the ocean, sea bed, and abyss. One ticket gives access to the rides, another admits you to the Galerie, where you can see future creations taking shape. As the site is a functioning workshop, its opening hours change weekly; check the English pages of their website for details.