And this really is the island's kitchen. By which I mean this diner stays open year-round, so its focus is on locals and not tourists. That translates to a place that is far friendlier than many on this (sometimes) snooty isle, with a Cheers-like vibe, as the chef greets guests by name and promises them (at least when I was there) "the best things you've ever eaten, all on one plate." While that claim may be hyperbolic, the food here is solid, especially when you stick with local specialties like the clam chowder (it comes in its own cast iron tureen, is loaded with clams, and big enough for a meal) or the fried fish sandwich. At dinner, artisanal beers, wines, and cocktails make an appearance. Breakfast includes all the standard dishes, plus a few more creative ones that involve panko-crusted eggs, Latin sandwiches like a massive one crafted from avocado and chorizo, and egg sandwich on focaccia. In fact, "massive" is a key word here, as all the portions are trucker-sized. Share dishes and it's one of the most affordable meals on the island.