Chardonnay lovers, take note: Cuvaison, pronounced Koo-vay-sawn (a French term for wine fermentation using skins), was founded in 1969 by Silicon Valley engineers Thomas Cottrell and Thomas Parkhill and is known for its production of the lush, round, and very food-friendly white grape. Still its 400 acres and a 63,000-case annual production isn't exclusively reserved to its most famous varietal. Winemaker Steven Rogstad also produces a limited amount of merlot, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and zinfandel within the handsome Spanish mission-style structure.

Tastings are $15, which includes a glass and four tastings. Wine prices range from $22 for a chardonnay to as much as $85 for a cabernet sauvignon. Beautiful picnic grounds are situated amid 350-year-old moss-covered oak trees.