This fascinating museum is dedicated to all things bug and arachnid, specifically 900,000 species of critters that creep, crawl, and flutter. Located in the old U.S. Customs House, it’s the largest free-standing museum in the world dedicated to its multilegged, winged subjects.

The journey through ickiness (kidding! Bugs are great!) begins in the Prehistoric hallway with 30-inch insect replicas. A gallery that simulates the experience of being underground exposes the tiny world living in our soil. In the Tiny Termite Café, each glass-topped table houses an insect colony (watch silkworms spin their fibers while you dine), and Bug Appetit even serves a few creepy-crawler-based snacks. Finally, the Asian-inspired butterfly gallery, full of fluttering beauty, is a peaceful departure from the hustle outside.