James Gallier, Jr. (it’s pronounced Gaul-ee-er, by the way; he was Irish, not French) and his father were the leading architects in New Orleans in the mid-1800s. They designed the French Opera House, Municipality Hall (now Gallier Hall), and the Pontalba Buildings. This was Junior's personal home. It’s meticulously restored, with the fancy furnishings appearing much as they would have when the family resided there (some claim Gallier’s ghost still does). The home displays some of his innovations—such as early indoor plumbing—and a decided lack thereof in the slave quarters. It’s made even more gorgeous for holiday season, with period decor; check the website for other special programs. Fun fact for Anne Rice fans: This house was her model for Louis and Lestat’s New Orleans residence in Interview with the Vampire. Combination tickets with the Hermann-Grima House are available.