Don’t be fooled by the slightly more modern look—some of the most amazing tombs in New Orleans are here. Don’t miss the pyramid-and-sphinx Brunswig mausoleum, the “ruined castle” Egan family tomb, and the former resting place of Storyville madam Josie Arlington. Her mortified family had the madam’s body moved when her crypt became a tourist attraction (her move may have also resulted from the complaints of blue blood families, themselves mortified at Josie's proximity). But the tomb remains exactly the same, including the statue of a young woman knocking on the door. Legend has it that the young woman is Josie herself being turned away from her father’s house or a virgin being denied entrance to Josie’s brothel—she claimed never to despoil anyone. The reality is that it’s just a copy of a statue Josie liked. Other famous residents include Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard, jazz greats Louis Prima and Al Hirt, and Ruth Fertel of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse (in a marble edifice that oddly resembles one of her famous pieces of beef). You’ll have to drive or taxi here, but you can also drive the lanes through the cemetery, a good option for a rainy day.