If you find vampire tours positively banal and need more death in your death, here’s all the gore you could ask for. It’s graphic, no-holds-barred gruesome, for the thick-skinned only (there are rocking chairs in the lobby for companions who opt out; those going through the collection are advised to “sit on one of the coffins if you feel faint”). It’s an outpost of a similar museum in Hollywood, one man’s lurid collection of crime, accident, and autopsy photos (gunshot victims, dismemberments); serial killers’ correspondence, diaries, and doodles (John Wayne Gacy’s clown drawings; love letters to Jeffrey Dahmer); videos of a cannibal discussing his act; and much more. Perhaps the most thought-provoking item is the rare Thanotron, Dr. Kervorkian’s suicide machine. Not judging, just… sitting on a coffin. Pick up a serial-killer “tarot card” T-shirt on the way out.