This 20-acre park along the river serves as promenade and public art gallery, with numerous works by popular local and internationally-known artists amid green lawns and hundreds of trees. Seek out the kinetic Holocaust memorial sculpture by noted Israeli sculptor Yaacov Agam, and make a slow circle around it to get the full impact of its changing perspectives, which use a rainbow to unexpected symbolic effect. At the upriver end, you're rewarded with a splash fountain for a soggy cool-doown. An excellent incentive to get kids to take a scenic walk.

The nearby Moonwalk is a paved pedestrian thoroughfare along the river, a wonderful walk on a pretty New Orleans day but really a must-do for any weather other than pouring rain. It has steps that allow you to get right down to Old Muddy—on foggy nights, you feel as if you are floating above the water. There are many benches from which to view the city’s busy port—perhaps while enjoying a muffuletta to a street musician’s song, or watching the moon rise over the river. To your right, you’ll see the Greater New Orleans Bridge and the World Trade Center of New Orleans (formerly the International Trade Mart) skyscraper as well as the Toulouse Street wharf, the departure point for excursion steamboats.