If a hotel could have a soul patch, the Ace would. Every hipster-bait amenity is attended to. Situated in a converted Art Deco building, this outpost of the Portland-based chain sports photo booths; in-room turntables and vintage vinyl; room snacks of ramen and Bulleit bourbon. Not that there’s anything wrong with all this—it all works. The chocolate-and-charcoal rooms look great, with their nominal, angular furnishings and custom painted armoires, but they aren’t built for deep comfort. No worry, cuz you be chillin with the <30 crowd in the action-packed lobby bar, excellent Josephine Estelle restaurant; stellar rooftop pool and bar Alto; Three Keys club; and terrif Seaworthy oyster bar. The Freda boutique further augments the hipness. Bring the swag and you’ll fit right in.