This is the hotel version of a neighborhood dive bar: friendly if slightly tired. But the price is right, location works, and it’s just fine when you just need something basic. Especially for those on a budget, who want to explore the Marigny and Bywater or hang out on Frenchmen Street. Some rooms have remnants of charm, like arched doorways or (nonworking) fireplaces, but expect basic pressboard reproduction furnishings. Rates includes continental breakfast (yes, with waffles!), served in a sweet, covered outdoor patio. Two long row houses, joined by a narrow brick courtyard, are a bit ramshackle, but staff works hard to keep things tidy, usually succeeding. Three small shotgun houses facing Marigny Street serve as kitchenette suites with a dorm-style group room. The property, and these in particular, are popular with bachelor parties.