The pool-centric Drifter is on a whole other hipness plane. It’s just barely removed from its previous life as a boxy midcentury-modern, no-tell motel on an as-yet untrammeled stretch of Tulane Avenue (5–15 Lyft min. to the Warehouse or Marigny). Yet it’s eons beyond that blah existence. Beds have Casper mattresses and Frette linens, but the 22 smallish, cement-walled rooms have no TVs and deliberately few amenities (save a mini-fridge, a couple of swank magazines, and a Tivoli radio/speaker)…because life here revolves around the ample bar and spacious, clothing-optional pool area, where parties large and small happen year-round (in winter they spark up the firepits and set the water heater at 95; occasionally a custom catwalk spans the pool; on Sat there’s poolside yoga). The understated high design engages without engulfing, from the lobby’s wall-size crawling ivy sculpture and [']60s furniture to the so-new-yet-looks-so-old floor tiles and outdoor mirror balls. Naturally there’s a good coffee bar and decent snacks. Let the fun begin.