The newer youth hostels are, as they say, lit. Unlike the derelict dives of yore, some are super sleek and even—yes—clean. The Quisby is one of the best. Opened in 2017 after gutting a long-shuttered historic building, the Quisby and its techno lobby area—sleek bar, sculpted industrial lighting, and graphical mural—sets the poppin’ social scene. There, $2 PBR rules at happy hour and Friday night pop-ups are—as they also say—legion (tamales and DJ, for example). The beds offer the best evidence that the Quisby is something special: no rickety, Ikea-style pole kits, these; they’re handsome, sturdy, XL beech bunks built by a noted local wood craftsman, with memory-foam mattresses. Each has an adjacent booklight, charging outlet, accessory cubby, and oversize storage locker. Most of the 26 coed or female-only en-suite rooms have four beds (two bunks); a few have two or six beds. Perhaps the Quisby’s single best feature is its streetcar-adjacent St. Charles Avenue location (to snag a window-laden room overlooking the avenue during Mardi Gras, book 8–12 months ahead). All ages welcome.