Oh, Oxalis, you’re our gastropub boyfriend…smart and well-dressed; eclectic but not weird; and yeeeah, you’ve got that bad boy thing going on, with your mysterious warren of rooms and pumped-up shelves of whiskey. In your main room with the dark wood and long picnic table, you’re in worn Levis and a perfectly broken-in, vintage leather jacket: comfortable and classically cool. In the intimate picture room, a slim-cut, charcoal gray suit. You get sultry in the big green courtyard, and freaky in the surprising, taxidermy-laden back lounge. That furtive back patio? Sweet dreams, babe. TMI? We’ll admit we fell hard for this stylish Bywater bar with its carefully crafted drinks and vibe—even now that the two über-cool back rooms, aka The Branch, seceded with a separate menu and are only open on weekends. Prices are sane and options range from tippy-top shelf to “plastic cap.” Food is anything but an afterthought, showing global inflections in a sweet potato poutine, mussels in tangy coconut milk, and crispy, sticky, Korean-style wings.