Bevi is a smidge more proper and pricey than a divey corner seafood shack, but make no mistake, they know how to berl (boil) and fry up a downright fine batch of shrimp, oysters, crab or crawfish. The seafood is fresh, seasonal, and local, of course –and the spice is right, even in the tangy slaw. Carnivores have excellent options too. Consider making the Messi Swine po’ boy (pork belly, cochon, ham and—for good measure—bacon fat mayo) your last meal. Even unintentionally. It’s counter service with just a few tables, but don’t get fried stuff to go: a concise fryer-plate-mouth interval is essential. Bonus: It's a few doors from Angelo Brocato’s, thus amortizing the Mid-City Lyft ride.