This. Is. The. Stuff. If you really want a true local experience, that means eating a sack of boiled seafood—crawfish, shrimp, crab, whatever’s in season. Order shellfish by the pound, and potatoes, half cobs of corn, heads of boiled garlic, maybe some sausage by the piece. Make sure to grab a beer or sweet tea to soothe the spice, plenty of paper towels, and a fistful of newspapers by the door. That’s to dump your hot seafood onto, often done on a patio table, in a park, or sitting atop a levee watching the river run (there’s no seating here). But no reason it can’t be done in a hotel room (as long as you’re okay with some lingering eau de shellfish). Contrary to logic, go at peak times, even if there’s a line. Boiled seafood is best when it’s straight out of the pot. They ship or pack for travel, too, so you can have a home boil. If you’re on the other end of town, Cajun Seafood in the rougher 7th Ward provides a similar experience and quality, with table seating and prepared foods, too.