This. Is. The. Stuff. If you really want a true local experience, that means eating a sack of boiled seafood—crawfish, shrimp, crab, whatever’s in season. Order shellfish by the pound, and potatoes, half-cobs of corn, heads of boiled garlic, maybe some sausage by the piece. Grab a beer or sweet tea to soothe the spice, plenty of paper towels, and a fistful of newspapers by the door. That’s to dump your hot seafood onto, often done on a patio table, in a park, or sitting atop a levee watching the river run (there’s no seating here). No reason it can’t be done in a hotel room (as long as you’re okay with some lingering eau de shellfish). Contrary to logic, go at peak times, even if there’s a line. Boiled seafood is best when it’s straight out of the pot. They ship or pack for travel, too, so you can have a home boil. If you’re on other ends of town, Cajun Seafood (1479 N. Claiborne St.,, 504/948-6000, daily 10:30am–8:30pm; also at 2730 S. Broad St., 504/821-4722, daily 10:30am–9pm) provides a similar experience and quality, with table seating and prepared foods, too.