You don’t want to go here. The converted home is inconveniently far from anything, really. You don’t want the fluffy eponymous biscuits, with honey or Steen’s cane syrup, or laden with immoral Andouille-chorizo gravy. Nobody wants a crispy waffle sandwiched with brie cheese and blueberry compote, or a mozzarella-and-crabmeat sandwich. Think of the calories! Crisp, Andouille-pecan crusted shrimp, in a taco with tangy avocado mango salsa, nicely sauced and balanced with mirliton slaw? Boooring . . . Seriously, better to stay away, the weekend morning lines can get pretty long anyway. Please. We’re begging you. (Note to the sarcasm-challenged: Only the part about Biscuits & Buns being inconveniently far is true.)